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Setting Out Ltd provides a quality, cost effective setting out service for the wood trades. With over 20 years experience behind us you can trust us to deliver the standard of service that you require.

If you require additional setting out resources then we can be of assistance to you.

We are able to set out timber or aluminium shopfronts, reception desks, display cases, cash and wrap units, bespoke kitchens, bathrooms, in fact, almost anything you choose to give us.

Let us help you through your busiest times.

With the use of CAD and various other computer based software we are able to supply you with detailed drawings, cutting lists and purchase requisitions that can be trusted.

Our finest asset is the abillity to produce scale and full size drawings for bespoke joinery or shopfitting.

This is usually followed by producing cutting lists, and fully numbered drawings to identify all items on the cutting list. We can of course supply the drawings only if you prefer.

From before we receive your order we will be asking for information about your working methods. This allows us to adapt our setting out procedure to suit your requirements.

Do you have a veneer press?

Do you have an edge bander?

What is the maximum size of sheet you can handle in your works.

All questions that make a differance to how efficient we are for you.


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Setting Out Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales.
Registered number: 6957938.
Registered office: 1 Lytton House, St Lukes Road South, Torquay, Devon, TQ2 5PA
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